How long should I wait until after a Tummy tuck to begin trying to slightly stretch my belly button?

I would like to know when it is appropriate to begin trying to slightly stretch the bellybutton after a tummy tuck. I am three weeks post-op and my bellybutton has been healing fine. I have read some answers that state marbles or ear gauges can be used, though I am a bit afraid of retrieval difficulties. Any tips/advice on this topic?

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Belly button post tummy tuck

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Thanks for your question.  I generally have patients wait about a week before they stand straight up or put stress on the incision as well as the belly button.  However, I do not use any marbles or ear gauges to stretch the belly button.  I would follow up with your plastic surgeon before doing any of this.  Best of luck. 

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Stretching belly button

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This is the type of question that should be addressed by your plastic surgeon.  She or he will be the one who knows how you’re healing and will be the one who determines if you need to stretch the belly button.  Good luck!Sincerely,Dr. Michelle Spring

Stretching my belly button after abdominoplasty

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I would agree with the other surgeons in that you really should check with your primary surgeon before doing anything.  Putting additional pressure on your healing belly button too early can lead to a higher potential for wound healing problems and so this must be undertaken with caution.
I hope that helps!

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Thanks for your inquiry. I suggest you ask your surgeon if your wounds are capable of handling the pressure of a marble or stretching.  You do not want your wound to get an infection or breakdown.  

When to stretch a belly button post Tumy tuck

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HI natk, It is usually best to ask your surgeon about this question to make sure that there are no healing issues going on with your belly button. I have used a marble on occasion if there appears to be a tightening in this area. If I feel that the patient needs it, it is almost always after 3 weeks.. Again, please discuss this with your own surgeon to be sure you are on the right healing path.Best, Dr. Christine Rodgers

Bellybutton Stretching After Abdominoplasty

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Stretching the bellybutton after abdominoplasty is not routine; we do it only if scarring is tending to constrict or tighten the bellybutton excessively.If you are experiencing constriction of your bellybutton, your surgeon may have preferences or recommendations specific to your situation, so best to ask your surgeon.

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