I'm getting a labiaplasty 2 weeks from today, what should my diet be to prepare?

My surgeon emailed me and said "We would want you begin right NOW to eliminate any blood thinners from you daily routine. This includes Ibuprofen, Advil and the likes of, Omega 3,6,7,9, alcohol, and any herbs as they can promote bleeding. This is a crucial piece for your surgery." So, what main foods should I avoid, and is there anything else I should eat or not eat? Thank you!

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Diet for surgery

A healthy diet to help you heal after surgery is always important. You should indeed start now and continue for the rest of your life for a healthier body. A healthy diet is one filled with protein foods (meats, chicken, fish, beans, tofu), lots of vegetables, some fruits, and nuts and whole grains. Kind of a caveman type diet. I also recommend bromelain and vitamin C supplements to help healing. Good luck.

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Diet to prepare for surgery

Ms E.

I have been performing labiaplasties for 20 years and to be honest I don't think that 2 weeks of a diet is going to be that beneficial for anyones healing.  I have never counseled a patient on the type of food they should eat for surgery because 2-3 weeks of changing a diet has never been proven to be helpful. I do suggest you check any supplements you use and stop them at least 2 wks ahead of time including: Ginsing, Gingko, Ginger, Black Cohash......please query the internet for anything else you might be taking or discuss with your surgeon.  I would recommend taking Vitamin C 1000 mg 2-3 x per day though it has never been proven to help labia healing we often use it for more difficulty vaginal reconstructive surgeries.

Before taking my suggestions I would emphasize you should ask your surgeon if it is OK.


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I'm getting a labiaplasty 2 weeks from today, what should my diet be to prepare?

Thank you for your excellent question.  In general you need not avoid any particular foods in preparation for surgery, and should instead maintain a healthy diet of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables for healing after your labiaplasty.  Your surgeon's office wants you to limit supplements and over the counter medications that may increase your risk of bleeding - Advil, aspirin, ginger, garlic, gingko.  They should be able to provide you with an exhaustive list of ibuprofen and aspirin based medications, herbals, and other medications that you should avoid.  Hope this helps. 

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Preparing for Surgery

Thank you for your question  and I'm very happy to hear that your surgeon has taken the extra step in preparing you for surgery and not just after surgery. As with every surgery it is recommended to continue and maintain a healthy diet both pre-and post surgery. I would recommend avoiding alcohol and or tobacco in the immediate. Before as well as during your healing.

If you are taking an estrogen type medication I would recommend discontinuing it prior to surgery but first run it by your surgeon I would also discontinue ginseng, CoQ10, green tea, vitamin K as well as a baby aspirin, warfarin, ginkgo, fish oil as well as any herbs you may be taking.

I would also recommend starting Arnica 48 to 72 hours prior to your surgery and continue with it post recovery

Best of luck with your surgery

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I'm getting a labiaplasty 2 weeks from today, what should my diet be to prepare?

The above mentioned ibuprofen, advil, aleve, fish oil, and herbal supplements can increase your risk of bleeding and I recommend stopping those things 1 week prior to surgery. No specific foods need to be avoided. Best wishes for your upcoming surgery.

Doesn't really matter

I think this is a bit overblown, but aspirin and advil are good to avoid. You don't need to go crazy with all of that stuff if you're my patient, but best to follow the doctors advice.

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Pre op diet for labioplasty

Your surgeon appears to be compulsive and if you were in poor nutritional shape during your consultation, I bet this issue would have been addressed at that setting.  No specific balanced diet uniquely prepares you for labioplasty surgery.  Better time may be spent on preparing some meals for your post op recovery high in fiber since most pain medicines can be constipating.  Best wishes.

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Foods to eat or avoid before genital surgery?

I can only echo what my good friends here have already said. Yes, important to stop asprin, NSAID's (ibuprofen, etc--acetominophen, Tylenol is OK), ginko biloba. If you have a history of herpes, you should take prophylaxis before & after surgery. Sounds like your surgeon prepped you well. So far as foods, a smart balanced diet-- but nothing really to add, or subtract specifically foodwise. Thanks for the question-- you should do well!

Michael P Goodman MD

Foods to avoid before surgery?

Pineapple yes. Grapefruit no. Avoid all herbs. No recreational drugs. You've covered all the usual things and it's not a bloody procedure anyway.

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Diet before surgery

It appears your surgeon has covered it well. Typically, we dont recommend avoiding any particular foods prior to surgery. Just eat healthy and maintain a well-balanced diet and make sure and really hydrate well the days prior to surgery!

Best of luck,

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