Labiaplasty, concerned about result (Photo)

I know that I am only 9 days in to the post op... however I am concerned with how my vagina is turning out. I don't want it to have any popcorn lips where the stitches are too tight, etc... that's what it is looking like. It looks like the right side was stitched different than the left and is uneven.. help? I may be getting an infection but the liquid looking stuff is leftover polysporin.

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9 days after labiaplasty

It is understandable to be anxious and look at the post-surgical "image" shortly after any cosmetic procedure. Generally, it is better to be patient and not to anticipate what type of a potential complication might happen. Based on the image you provided, it looks that your wedge labiaplasty is healing well, including sutures on both sides. There is a mild swelling and bruising present along the suture lines, which is also appropriate 9 days after this type of surgery. Besides, we are not entirely symmetric and once the swelling resolves, you will be able to determine if there is any asymmetry present. As far as the "popcorn appearance" is concerned, it may occur after a different labiaplasty technique; therefore you should not be concerned about it. I would not worry in advance and patiently await the final outcome. You can always contact your surgeon and discuss further management options, if necessary.

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Yvonne Wolny, MD 

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Thank you for your inquiry.  I don't see any cause for alarm.  The healing process can be quite frustrating.  This is normal.  You look like you are healing quite nicely.  Try to stay calm and have patience.  You look great!

John G. Hunter, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Labiaplasty, concerned about result

Based on the photo you submitted and the appearance, I am not concerned about the popcorn edges you are referring to.  Overall, your surgery look like it is going to heal just fine.

Hang in there and follow all post operative instruction.

David Ghozland, MD
Santa Monica OB/GYN
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Labiaplasty, concerned about result

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Outside of the bruising and swelling, which is showing improvement, your wedge incision site looks appropriate and is healing well.  It is usually a trim labiaplasty procedure performed with large caliber suture that can result in the "popcorn" appearance to the edge of the labia minora, so you needn't worry.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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