I need to get a fat transfer for my inner thighs, hamstrings, and the right lower bottoms. Any suggestions?

I had 1 treatment of velashape 3 to my thighs without knowing the machine was a reduction machine by a nurse.. Seemed to not explain what she was doing while training on me with a girl that does eyebrow waxing. I have atrophied legs, dents, wrinkles, and would really like my firm round youthful appearance back previous to the machine. My boyfriend left me and my career path has taken a turn. I have lost many friends and my family is very saddened and having a hard time with my experience.

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Fat Transfer to Lips, Final Results?

you can transfer fat to any areas that need it however, sometimes the fat doesnt fully last.  fat harvested by body jet, filtered with puregraft, and PRP added will give the most predictable outcome.  Dr. Emer.

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