Fuller legs?

Hi, I also have a question on having a fuller look with my legs. I have always been the skinny legs. I would be called flamingo, pink panther etc...... I have never woren short shorts, skirts etc..... My last, what 40+ years I would love to have fuller looking legs. What can be done for this? Besides walking, jogging, running. Tried it and just got tight muscle as a result. I'm in the middle, white shirt. Thank you!

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Fuller legs

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It didn't look like your photo loaded correctly so I will just be speaking in general. Your problems sound more unique than what the average woman seems to struggle with. If you have a strong apple shape to your figure and carry weight around your waist and upper body a reduction here may help you to look more proportionate and allow for more weight gain in your legs over time. Resistance training (heavy weights) would be more helpful in adding muscle bulk than toning with cardio. It is a shame you were teased when younger, because those haters will likely be very jealous of you as you all age.

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