Drainage from one of my breasts. 3 months post-op BA revision.

Ok so i had this revision ba 3 months ago. And now I am 3 mnths post up and saw thisk yellow drainage running down. I had incisons under the breast. I have a severe body ache and a fever as well. Breast is hurting much since two days. Called the doctors office and she told me could be smth minor and said i cant be having an infection because its 3 months already. The drainage was quite a lot after i took shower. Frustrated. Plz help me

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Drainage from one of my breasts following a BAM

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HI racharya,

  I think that you are getting an infection. You need to see your doctor, dear.

Try again to speak with the MD or perhaps the nurse. Did you speak with the doctor or did you get a message from the receptionist? Sometimes the office staff does not always pass along all information. Try again and insist this time.


Dr. Christine Rodgers

Breast Revision

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Thank you for your question. I would recommend calling your physicians office again and requesting to be seen in person. It is always best to address these types of concerns in person so that your physician can evaluate you. If his office does not schedule you an appointment, you may need to seek a second opinion from another Plastic Surgeon. Good Luck!

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