I Want to Have Definition in my Jawline and my Cheeks? (photo)

I want to have definition in my jawline and my cheeks , what kind of procedures is best for my face , and what type of anesthesia , and what is cost tks

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Increasing definition of cheeks and jawline

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You have a nice, strong masculine face. To highlight these features, you can add subtle volume to the cheekbones and angle of mandible. This will help to add definition and a more "square" appearance to the jaw.

The best way of doing this is to use an injectable filler so that it can be contoured and molded exactly the way you want it. I prefer a filler called Radiesse as it is excellent for this type of contouring. Results will last for approximately 9-12 months and it is done with local anesthesia mixed with the filler. Cost would in the $1800-$2500 range.

If you are in Denver, I would recommend Dr. Stephen Weber who is an expert facial plastic surgeon.

I hope that helps.

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-Dr. Jamil Asaria

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Cheek implants for facial definition.

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I need to see more photos as described on my website.  I think cheek implants will give you the facial definition u r looking for. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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