Are there 2 cannula techniques to add volume to the thighs? 1 is that you can stuff the thigh like a turkey?

you leave a scar at the inner knee and then push the fat through to build the hamstring and inner thigh and lateral. like putting stuffing in a turkey-leaving 1 scar only? I need to have a seamless leg appearance and am looking for a surgeon to please help me have model thighs so i can continue my dance career. thanks for your time and help. I don't think the chicken pox fat transfer technique is working for me? any suggestions?

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How best can I add structure to my thighs?

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I would agree with the previous comment that fat grafting would be the best option here.  Temporary fillers would be far too expensive and would be temporary.  With fat, you can not only shape the thighs but also liposuction tissue around the thighs to create an even more optimal appearance.

I hope that helps!  Please let me know if you have any other questions.

-Gregory A. Buford, MD FACS

Fat Transfer

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Fat transfers are a great tool but adequate patient selection is a must.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and if not satisfied seek a

second opinion. See the link below for plastic surgeons in your area.

Best wishes.

Fernando Colon, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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