Will Butt Implants placed just under the muscle fascia cause premature sagging? (photo)

Hello - I had butt implants done at the end of March 2015, placed under the muscle fascia only. Will this weaken over time, and then start sagging...prematurely? My implants are 220cc's, high profile. Measurements: 33-27-37 Weight: 116lbs Height: 5'2" Age: 41 Thank you!

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Buttock implants placement

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I personally do not beleive a "subfascial" plane even exists or is suitable in the buttock to place buttock implants. In other words, it is no different than subcutaneous (under the skin/fat layer) placement of buttock implants...which always eventually results in significant sagging. Glad to help. 

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Thank you for your question and photo!  I would seek the advise of your plastic surgeon.  Make sure you are following all of your post care instructions!  Best of luck!
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Will Butt Implants placed just under the muscle fascia cause premature sagging?

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thanks for the pictures, i agree with Dr. Stanton, you will lose result much faster than if
it was located intramuscular. the weight is on the skin and with time its going to fall.

good luck!

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Butt implants

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What do you mean with high profile, are they breast implants? 

This is one of the main complication of the subfacial placement, and one of the reason why this technique is abandoned. You will need to remove the implant and place it in a intramuscular or submusclar plane. I prefer intramuscular plane, because it gives you the must natural result of all techniques. If the implants are breast implants, that will need to be changed and use the correct butt implant. 

Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and discuss what will be the proper treatment to achieve the result you desires.


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