What are some Butt implant pricing?

I had to remove one implant due to infection at implant site only - surgery was today. While my insurance covered the removal I'm back on my own to get a replacement once i've healed (and the plastic team from today doesn't "believe" in butt implants). I live in Denver but can travel anywhere to the right doc. Dolly Parton's doctor has practice here in Denver and he gave me a quote a very high quote. I would like legitimate quotes for doctors with MUCH experience in butt implants.

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Replacement of buttock implant

First, sorry to hear of your misfortune.  The good news is, the implant can likely be successfully replaced but you need to wait about 6 months for the tissues to heal and soften before your next surgery. A couple questions need to be answered and a physical exam performed before a quote can be given. Most importantly, were your implants placed under or on top of the muscle?  If on top, then i highly recommend repositioning BOTH of them to under the muscle. If already under, then only one needs to be replaced back under the muscle. Prices will vary depending upon either scenerio. Glad to help. 

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What are some Butt implant pricing?

   This will just depend upon the difficulty of the surgery and the demand for the surgeon.   A reasonable price may range from $6000 to $10,000 or so.

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