Will my right breast "drop" to become the same size as my left? (Photos)

I am 11 days post op (325cc full profile silicone) and while I know this is early within the recovery process, I am wondering if my right breast still needs to "drop", or if the difference in size is due to any other issue I should possibly be concerned about

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Breast Augmentation - Post Op Swelling

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Thank you for your question. You are still very early in the post-operative period. It typically takes 3 - 6 months for the swelling to subside and and implants to settle into proper position. The implants may swell asymmetrically, as in your case, but usually settle evenly. Please discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon. Also, make sure you follow all of your plastic surgeons post-operative instructions regarding level of physical activity and use of a support bra. Hope this helps and good luck with your recovery.

Will my right breast "drop" to become the same size as my left?

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Hi, AnnieMarieE.  As you noted, 11 days is very early in the recovery process, and as other physicians have commented, it it difficult to tell what your final results will be, and your tissues will go through a lot of changes during the full healing process.

Looking at your photos, your results look nice overall, but the one breast (I presume the right, based on your description and my assumption that you took the photograph from a mirror?), does look tight and constricted, with more narrowing and compression (and possible elevation) of the implant, and a more oval shape, compared  to the more rounded and expanded left breast.

Without pre-operative photos, it is difficult to tell whether the above findings were present pre-operatively and are to be expected; without the benefit of a physical exam, it is difficult to tell if there were tissue characteristics present pre-operatively that would have predicted some additional tightness on the right, compared to the left.

Often, massage can help to expand the implant pocket and loosen areas of tightness.  Sometimes the use of certain medications may help further.  I would consult with your surgeon to see if the tightness of the right was as he/she expected, whether massage and heating pad, or medications would be of benefit. 

I hope that you ultimately have an outstanding result!  Enjoy your augmentation!!!

Giovanna Ghafoori, MD
Harlingen Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

Will my right breast implant drop?

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HI anniemariee,

  As some of the other doctors have said, it is too early to judge a final result.
Just give it some time. You can try icing your breasts throughout the day to reduce some of the swelling. Otherwise, remember to take it easy and follow your surgeon's instructions.
Dr. Christine Rodgers

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Breast Implants/ Breast Augmentation/ Anatomic Gummy Bear Implants/ Silicone Implants/ Breast Implant Revision Surgery

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I appreciate your question.

Right now, you are very early on in the post op recovery period. It will take 3-6 months for you to feel comfortable having implants in your body and for them to settle. This time allows for you to physically and psychologically adapt to your new body image. There are many variables that contribute to a breast augmentation's final result. Preop size and shape, IMF location, location of the implants and type of implant. Patients heal at different rates and each breast will sometimes heal at a different rate. Rest, relax, recover and heal. Please Express your concerns to your surgeon so he/she can examine you at this time. Then reassess final result at 6 months.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.
Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Director-Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute

Will my right breast "drop" to become the same size as my left?

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Thank you for your question. You are in very early phase of healing. Your breasts will continue to change in the coming several weeks. It will be helpful to see pre op pictures. Please follow the instructions from your PS

Post Augmentation and Assymetry

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It's still early in your healing process. #Healing will continue for 2-3 months following your #Augmentation #Mastopexy procedure. There may be some swelling, bruising, malposition, color differences. Sensation will be abnormal. Scars will also be changing.
But, it can be up to one year see your final result. Your doctor may require you to move or massage the implants within the breast pockets during the #postoperative period. #Textured implants do not require breast massage. You will be informed about this at your post-operative visit.
Also, the two breasts commonly heal quite differently so #assymetry is not unusual. One breast may swell more, feel more uncomfortable, or have a different initial shape. After complete #healing, they will be more similar and natural. You must have patience, but if this causes concern, ask questions of the doctor or the nursing staff.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 116 reviews

Will my right breast "drop" to become the same size as my left?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. Your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource when it comes to an accurate assessment of your situation, advice, predictions, and/or meaningful reassurance.

Generally speaking, breast implants will "drop" into the pocket that was created during surgery and massaging the implants downward may assist in the dropping of the implants after surgery (for those patients who want to help with the settling of the implants). The rate of breast implant "settling" may depend on factors such as size of breast implant pocket dissected, tightness of the overlying skin/muscle layers, and size of breast implant utilized. Normally, it takes about 3-6 months (for some patients longer) to see the final result. It is very common for one side to settle faster than the other.
Many of my patients report that as the swelling around the breast implants (for example, in the sternal area) decreases, they feel that their breasts appear more projecting. Also, in my opinion, the "drop and fluff” phenomenon does hold some validity; as breast implants “settle”, many patients feel that their breasts actually look larger.
Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

When the sizes are different post-op

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pre-op information is needed as to whether one breast was already larger or one chest stuck out farther.  If so, this is simply a reflection of that.  If you were perfectly equal, then the difference will be attributed to swelling and this should improve.  It if doesn't and is still there when your post-op photos are taken, then you will need to discuss your options with your surgeon.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 33 reviews

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