Is breast augmentation revision under local a bad idea?

I'm having a revision to release the implant on my right breast- it hasn't come down after 2 other revisions and my board certified PS wants to approach it through the crease to see what's happening (vs previous areolar incision). He is offering this for free using local (not twilight), though I have the option of general. I don't want to recover from general again if I don't have to- how painful would the local with an oral valium be for a surgery like this? Implant is under the muscle.

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Local anesthesia for revision.

It really depends on how extensive the revision is.  If it is simply a matter of freeing up scar tissue along the fold to allow the implant to settle then this may be doable. If it is a more extensive capsule release or up higher in the pocket it may be difficult to perform correctly and may not be all that comfortable for you.

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Revision Surgery

My concern here is that the implant hasn't come down after 2 attempts at revision.You may be experiencing a degree of capsular contracture which may need aggressive scar removal which would be challenging to do under local anesthesia. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and if the answers are not to your satisfaction a second opinion may be in order.Good luck!

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Revision under local with sedation

It sounds as though you have a good relationship with your board-certified plastic surgeon. The type of anesthesia you have depends on your and your plastic surgeon's comfort level. I suggest you discuss any concerns you have with him and make a plan accordingly.

I wish you well

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