51 years old, including a pic of my stomach. Why don't any surgeons use hospitals? (Photo)

I feel uneasy not having surgery done in the hospital and staying over night for observation. I don't feel safe having the procedure like this done in a surgicenter and sent back home the same day. Why don't any surgeons use hospitals? I included a pic, it's horrible and heartbreaking for me to see it. It's very difficult for me to live with that.

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Tummy tuck in hospital setting

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Dear KatMost tummy tuck surgery procedures are done in the surgery center. I have done tummy tuck exclusively in the surgery center exclusively for the past 15 years. Sone of the patients have significant fatty and skin excess. See the photos in the link. The advantages of outpatient surgery include less cost, quicker turnover time, friendlier environment, more privacy, and most importantly, less chance of hospital-acquired infection. On the other hand, some surgeons may feel it is safer to admit you into hospitals post-op. You should discuss with surgeon. 

Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Out patient cosmetic surgery

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Hello and thank you for your question. Funny you should ask. I happen to only use a hospital for my surgeries.  I do personally think it's safer. I do think that a lot of procedures however can be done in a surgycenter. I'm sure that there are ps in your area who do use hospitals. Peter Fisher M.D 

Peter Fisher, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Overnight stay

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In the right patient, sending that patient home after a tummy tuck is a safe option. If the patient is a more involved case, or if there is any concern, of course they can stay overnight.In a patient like yourself, who sounds very anxious about going home, I would of course arrange an overnight stay. The only downside to an overnight stay is an increase in cost. But, you will have experienced nurses taking care of you, monitoring her blood pressure, administering pain medication, nausea medication, and importantly, giving you peace of mind.You should have no trouble setting this up with your surgeon.Best of luck!Dr. SubbioBoard-Certified Plastic SurgeonNewtown Square/Philadelphia, PA

Christian Subbio, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck and Hospital

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I am assuming this is a PRE-op photo.  From the looks of things, you are an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck, and, possibly, some liposuction.  You have loose overlapping skin and a suggestion of an overly thick subcutaneous tissue layer and muscle laxity.  All of these things are surgically correctible and should produce significant improvement.

Regarding where to do the surgery, you have a few options.  If your medical health is good, a surgery center is actually a very good choice.  All surgery centers must meet strict safety criteria to become certified and they are all required to have an agreement with a local hospital for timely transfer of any patient who develops an immediate post-op problem requiring acute hospital care.  So, for the vast majority of patients, the level of care provided by a surgery center is really all that is needed.  And many surgery centers offer an overnight stay option.  Finally, for a self-pay patient, the cost of a procedure will be substantially less at a surgery center compared to a hospital.

Hospitals are typically used for this type of procedure when a patient is at higher risk for surgery due to medical problems.  But one has to ask, if the risk is that high, should you really even be considering a procedure that is purely elective?  So, if you are a high risk patient, and are willing to accept that risk, a hospital is the best place to go.  Finally, even if you are a low risk patient, but would feel more comfortable at a hospital, you could certainly have your procedure done there.  No surgeon I know would deny that request.  You just have to be willing to accept the extra cost.

Best of luck in your quest for a new tummy.

Why don't any surgeons use hospitals?

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Greetings. Every surgeon has a different style for these procedures.  If you were to discuss this with your surgeon, the use of a hospital can be discussed.  Outpatient surgery centers are generally safe as there is an accreditation process that has to be done. Also consider that the costs of a hospital (in general) are more than a surgery center. Good luck!

Ravinder Jarial, DO
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for the question.  Every Plastic Surgery practice has different protocols with where their surgeries are performed.  At our practice, most of the surgeries are performed at our outpatient surgery center which offer overnight stays.  If there was a patient with certain medical concerns then they would be done at a hospital.  At our practice, if you felt more comfortable with being at a hospital you have that choice.  Further discuss your concern with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area about their protocols on staying overnight at a hospital.

Outpatient surgery

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I prefer to operate in a surgery center.  The risks for infection are far lower in an outpatient surgery center, because in general there are no sick patients there.  If you are concerned about help overnight care, you could consider an aftercare facility.  Ask your surgeon if there is one in your area. 

Tummy tuck

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Most of my tummy tucks are done as an outpatient but each person is different.  If a patient feels more comfortable staying overnight, then that can be arranged or a nurse can be arranged to stay with a patient during the first post-operative night.  Best wishes.

Jules Walters, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Ambulatory Surgery for Tummy Tucks

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Many surgeons do procedures in ambulatory surgical centers, office base surgical suites and hospitals. I determine the location based on the patient’s medical history. Some patients are not candidates for office based surgical suites or ambulatory surgical centers. Office base surgical suites should be certified by one of the certifying entities. If you prefer an overnight stay, discuss this with your surgeon. There should be plastic surgeons in your area that use hospitals. You can look on the ASPS website for plastic surgeons’ names.

Michelle Hardaway, MD
Farmington Plastic Surgeon
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Hospitals not necessarily safer than outpatient surgicenter for tummy tuck

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Hospitals are where sick people go, surgicenters are for healthy patients undergoing elective procedures. However, plastic surgeons should always have privileges to use the hospital if desired. It will be quite a bit more expensive though.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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