4.5 Weeks Post Augmentation and Lift. Moderate+Pain Everyday. Trying Nerve Pain Meds?

advice on nerve pain meds for aug+ lift for 4.5 weeks post op with moderate+ pain. ( 5' 6", 1pounces, 275 cc plus lift.) Took Percocet, Celebrex, Valium, lidocaine, ultram with little to no progress. Started Neurotin as perhaps the surgery triggered a nerve condition. hypersensitivity on nipples and any part of skin on breast. Random pains in arms and legs. Woke a little early out of anesthesia, and took 6 hours to get pain level to tolerable. Love my doc, but never seen a patient like me.

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Trying Nerve Pain Meds?

Neurontin takes several days to reach a level at which it functions well. I hope this works for you. It is unusual to have pain requiring meds this far out and without an exam or some more info, it is hard to comment further.

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