Are Dents from Scar Revision Sutures Permanent?

Is there anything I can do for 7 day suture marks? Are they permanent? Will the marks/puncture dots be permanent around a forehead scar (revisioned) after removal the 7 day mark?

Post procedure, Doc said to return in one week. After removal, I noticed some red suture lines with dots around the scar. I have read so many variating answers regarding time for facial suture removal: 3-5, 4-6, even some 5-8 days.

Are these slight indentations only temporary, I hope? It has now been six days now since suture removal, and I've only noticed a slight improvement of the marks. Is there any possible injections/treatments to get rid of them? Thank you.

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Suture marks

Sutures on the face are usually removed at 5-7 days.  Sometimes shorter and sometimes longer.  The marks usually go away.  Give it some time.  

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