I Have Dents in my Cheeks That Wont Seem to Fill with Juvederm? (photo)

i have pronouced dents in my cheek area also some pigmentation around the dent which emphasises the problem i have tried juvederm twice but each time it went above and below the area never actually pushed out the dent please can someone help me

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Juvederm for Indentations in Cheeks

Hi Juan.  Based on the photos you have posted, your case should not be that challenging (take a look at the link to photos below for more challenging cases).  

1-2 cc's of Restylane, Juvedrm, Perlane or Radiesse in the cheek should fix the problem you have.  Is it possible that the person doing the injections is not using enough product or is not experienced at injecting cheeks?  Those are the only two reasons we believe why you might not be getting good results.

As a last resort and only if the indentations are very superficial (shallow), we might use Belotero.  Good luck.

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