How can I go about correcting my asymmetrical chin? (Phtoo)

My teeth are not problematic It's just when I smile my crooked chin is very noticeable.

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Chin Asymmetry

Correction of chin asymmetry should be based on the way it looks when you are not smiling, not how it looks when you smile. Surgery is done in a static state and focuses on how things like when not moving. You would have ti submit non-smiling pictures of your chin for a more complete assessment. If there is some chin asymmetry at rest then surgical correction of the bone shape may be beneficial.

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Asymmetric Chin

Dear Ms. Carr,

Thank you for your pictures.  In my opinion, your lower jaw and chin may be an issue. The lower jaw may have slight over growth on the left which causes your chin to deviate to the right.  This can be corrected with jaw surgery that can be extensive.  A less extensive procedure could involve correction of your chin asymmetry with a sliding genioplasty.  Please seek consultation from qualified surgeons to get the most accurate opinion. 

Best wishes.

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