What Exactly Do Dentists Do During a One Hour Smile Makeover?

Is a one hour smile makeover a series of one-hour procedures, or does the entire makeover take only one hour? Can it be done during the lunch hour?

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A 1-hour Smile Makeover can refer to various different procedures

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Some patients only need MINOR corrections to their teeth that can make a MAJOR difference in their smile. This might include slight contouring of teeth, replacing discolored fillings, polishing old bonded resorations, bleaching...If this is all you need,then it could be done in only 1-hour during your lunch hour. I suggest you have a complete cosmetic evaluation by your dentist to identify exactly what YOU want to improve your smile, and a thorough explanation from the dentist as to the procedures involved, as well as alternative procedures. Most Smile Makeovers take more than 1-hour, so don't be disappointed!

New York Dentist

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