Dentist Removes Adult Tooth by Mistake? (photo)

When i was 12, my dentist removed the wrong tooth. I believe the Xray was flipped. When he went to drill it out thinking it was the baby tooth, i told him he has the wrong tooth but told me "No the xray says its the right tooth". 8 years later i want to take action against him because my parents at the time wouldn't let me. Its left a hole in my mouth, caved in teeth & a crooked tooth from the left over baby tooth that wasnt removed. Can i take action against him even tho its been 8 years?

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Taking action against the dentist who removed the wrong adult tooth.

While I am puzzled why your parents did not take action to protect and support you from the dentist who mistakenly worked on the wrong tooth, I believe you should direct your inquiry to an attorney who specializes in malpractice. I am sorry you had this experience and hope that your confidence can be restored in other more cautious and meticulous dentists in the future.

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Dentist Removed Wrong Tooth

I'm not a lawyer, and each state probably has different rules, but I believe that since you were a minor when the event took place, you probably still have a few years from when you became 18, or will become 21, to take action. Check with a local lawyer.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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