Will a Dentist Bond a Lower Front Tooth Black Triangle? (photo)

I've posted a picture of my black triangle between the lower later and incisor. I have a small black triangle that was created from a spring retainer and an orthodontist using a disc to shave some space. My dentist says its not worth it to bond this area because it will eventually cause problems. Are there any dentist that would agree to bond this or would the majority of the dentist tell me no? I don't like the sight of it, even though other's can't really see it, I can.

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Bonding a Lower Front Tooth Black Triangle

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Thanks for including the photo, it's really very helpful.  The dark area can definitely be made smaller, but you have to be careful to not create a situation that is unhealthy.  In addition, the more you close the space, the more square the teeth will appear.


When you add bonding to reduce the size of the triangle, you also create a ledge that can accumulate bacteria.  So you have to strike a balance between esthetics and health.


An experienced cosmetic dentist will add just the right amount of bonding to maintain health and improve esthetics.  If you add too much, it will be unhealthy and it will have poor estheics.


Hope this was helpful......Dr Champagne

Freehold Dentist

Bonding a black triangle

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I have had many patients ask a similar question like yours.  The majority of the time they are not in a visible area, in your case your would have to lower your lip.  In my opinion I would spend your money elsewhere

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Bonding a Lower Front Tooth Black Triangle

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I just had a patient ask me the same question in my office yesterday. I also told her that while I could do it, I do not recommend it. Noone else can see it unless she purposely pulls her lip down to show it. Get over it! Save your money for something more worthwhile.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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Not worth it to bond lower black triangle

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I completely agree with your dentist. It is not worth it. It is extreemly difficult if not impossible to bond this area without leaving some kind of ledge in between at the gumline. This can lead to a plaque and bacteria trap which may cause gum irritation, bone loss, and cavities. If you wanted to still close it and avoid this potential problem, then you would have to get two veneers. This will avoid the ledge (if done properly) but now you ground on two perfectly good teeth and veneers as expensive ( and won't last forever).


I have closed black triangles before on both upper and lower teeth but they were much larger (which is easier to finish without a ledge) and visible whey the person smiled and talked.

My advise is to leave it alone.

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

Bioclear can close black triangles

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While I personally suggest spending money elsewhere, and nobody can see this, there IS a solution, called Bioclear.  This DOES allow a dentist to adhere material to fill the space without creating a ledge.  You must decide if it is worth the time and expense.

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