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separation of file has occurred insid buccal canal of upper first premolar when doing filing,,i couldn't remove it by different ways,,,patient is unco_operative &limited mouth opening,,,it's stainless steel file...is it problem to leave the file inside canal &obture at the remaining length?

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Refer to a specialist

File separation is an unfortunate, but normal event to take place when doing a RCT. The best thing is to be straightforward with your patient, explain what happened and your efforts to make iit right. If youre unable to remove the file yourself, you should at least make the effort to have the patient seen by a specialist who will be able to use microscopes and ultrasonics to try to remove the file fragment.  

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Separation of file during Root Canal Treatment

You can obturate then refer to an oral surgeon or endodontist for an apicoectomy and retrofill. Tell the patient that the prognosis is guarded at best and most likely require extraction in the future. If the tooth is symptomatic then extraction graft and implant is the best treatment for excellent long term prognosis

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