Cyst Removal - Will This Dented Scar on my Nose Fill In?

About 3 weeks ago I had a small red cyst removed from the tip of my nose. Now I'm left with what looks like a chunk missing . It's light red and very noticable! It looks a lot worse than the cyst did. Is that how it will stay or will it fill in over time ?

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Cyst removal scars are important

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Depressed scars can be improved with a revision layered closure or dermal filler to fill in the area lost by cyst removal. 


I perform many cyst removal and emphasize the layered closure and scar during the surgery. 

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Indent in nasal tip after cyst removal

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The redness should diminish but it is unlikely that the contour will smoothen - the indent fill in on its own. The cyst created the indent by the pressure it exerted on surrounding tissue much like the indent in a carpet after a piece of furniture has been sitting in one place for a long time. Your best option is probably an injectable filler after the scar has fully matured.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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