Dented Nose Bridge After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 35 days ago to remove injected filler inside my nose.The doctor used alloderm to even out my nose and to support the bridge once the filler is scrapped out as i told him i dont want silicon.The tip of my nose is refine using ear & septal cartilage. Temporalis fascia is also being used to support the tissue. Now, my nose looks dented from the front on the left side of the bridge, makes the nose looks crooked and not straight. What is the best thing to do? Please help me.

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After 12 months of healing, you should be fully evaluated for any asymmetry and dents, etc. It is wise to wait before you look at more procedures.

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Dented Nose Bridge After Rhinoplasty?

Your posted photos to me show a very nice result. But very hard over the internet to advise. Plus it is ONLY 35 days in a difficult revision. Allow more healing time. 

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