Dental Work/teeth Cleaning Do I Need Antiibiotics?

This is really gross but I have not been to the dentist in a LONG TIME. I brush and floss regularly but have a dental phobia and getting my teeth cleaned/dental work has never been a pleasant experience for me. Recently though I have decided to bite the bullet as I have a tooth bothering me and I am sure I need some sort of deep cleaning done. I also have breast implants that are at least five years old. What should I do? Also my dentist is my family dentist so I would rather he not know.

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Better late, than never to the dentist!

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Do not feel bad. You are not alone in putting off the dentist. Also do not take antibiotics unless prescribed. Your dentist will examine you and perform the necessary diagnostics including X-rays to determine your dental condition prior to your having a cleaning. If there is an active infection, he/she may prescribe antibiotics. But congrats on deciding to go before it's too late. Remember, this saying, "Be true to your teeth or they'll be false to you!"

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