Dental Surgery with Staph in my Ears? (photo)

I had a earache a few weeks ano and the dr done a culture on it and it came back as mrsa. I took the meds that she gave me for that and went back about a week and a half later for a reculture. I havet had a earache or anything since the culture showed mrsa. I called the office back today to check the results and they told me it was staph. My ears dont hurt at all now. I have a big dental surgery Thursday to have 20 teeth pulled and dentures put in. Can I still have my surgery?

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Dental extractions with active infection

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Surgery is not recommended when there is an active infection in your body.  I would have your surgeon call your doctor and determine whether the surgery can take place.

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Surgery is NEVER recommended when an active infection is being treated!!

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A basic protocol for any surgery, especially the extent of the dental surgery you have described is that there should NOT be any infections present or being treated when surgery is scheduled. You should immediately inform the oral surgeon who should have the appropriate medical clearance form your medical doctor.

Dental Surgery with Staph

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Have your dental surgeon speak with your medical doctor, and work this all out well in advance of your dental visit.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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