Dental Surgery Before Braces for Open Bite?

I have an open bite all most wide enough to stick a pencil between my teeth. I need open bite surgery. Can I get the surgery first and then have the braces afterwards?

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Open bite surgery

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you will have to do the surgery in conjuction with the braces. the braces will align the teeth first and then surgery will be done with the braces in place. More orthodontic treatment will be provided after the surgery and then barces will be removed. If your open bite is not too severe, you may be a candidate for TAD's. TAD  stands for " Temporary Anchorage Device" and is very effective in closing anterior open bites WITHOUT surgery. ask your doctor.


San Diego Orthodontist

Orthopedic (bone changing) Treatment Eliminates Surgery!

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Traditional orthodontists and oral surgeons perform many surgical procedures that are unnecessary.  Dentofacial Orthopedics that changes the bone structure can eliminate the need for surgery in many cases.  This involves using fancy retainers to change bone structures.  Adverse habits such as poor tongue posture and mouth breathing can ruin a great orthodontic result, however.  Open bites are tricky.  Go with an orthodontist with years of experience who has successfully treated many cases.  Good luck!

Surgery for my open bite prior to getting braces

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No. Most cases yield a better finished result if you have an orthodontist level and coordinate your dental arches before you have your surgical correction. When the maxillofacial surgeon performs surgery the upper and lower dental arches will fit together much better if orthodontically prepared. In the event the surgery is done before braces it could take a longer period of time in braces to establish the best bite relationships. Most oral surgeons prefer the Orthodontist to prepare the dental arches before operating.

Paul Ouellette, DDS
Kissimmee Orthodontist

Open-bite correction may require braces and surgery

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In children and adolescents many open bite problems can be corrected by orthodontic and/or facial orthopedic treatment. In adults, it is more likely that a combination of braces and surgery wil be recommended. Why? because after growth is complete it is rarely if ever possible to change underlying bone structure without resorting to surgery.

Surgery will be most effective, and the outcome most predictable, if braces are used first to align the teeth and coordinate the upper and lower dental arches. Braces also serve as an attachment for stabilization of the jaw segments during the post-surgical healing period. Rely on your orthodonitst, and the surgeon with whom he or she collaborates, to recommend the treatment sequence that will work best in your particular circumstance. 

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

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