Can Dental Implants Restore Face Shape?

Following tooth loss (3 on one side) my cheek has started to sag,I have been told i need a sinus lift and three implants but i have had conflicting advice on whether implants lift my face back to its original state. will dental implants restore my face shape?

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It could

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Maybe not to the original shape as probably you are imagining it, but in my experience I have seen that many times when I get patient that wants dentures with mini implants and they lack some teeth I can see how their skin shows more wrinkles around the mouth area, and after the dentures of course you do not see those wrinkles dissapear but the shape of your mouth creates the skin to rest in a different way. There is a concept some dentists use called "facelift mouth makeover" which basically states that changing the shape of your teeth could change the shape of your fave, sounds logic to me.

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