Dental Implants Placed Too High on Front Two Teeth?

I can't graft more gum tissue since there is no bone. solutions are to live with a higher toothline or redo the implants after grafting more bone. Is there an explanation for why my tooth line would recede 3+ mm and the implants would be so high/uneven? Are there long term problems to expect? Unable to post pictures from mobile device but will try later. It's significant--I had even tooth line with scalloped gums and now 3mm gap with no scalloping between front two teeth or adjoining teeth.

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Dental Implants Appear to be Too High on Front 2 Teeth

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The implants can only be placed where there is bone. Anterior implants should be treatment planned IN ADVANCE by a cosmetic dentist BEFORE the implants are placed. All of these issues should have been dealt with and understood BEFORE the implant placement. The higher tooth line only matters esthetically if you have a high smile line. That is to say, when you speak or smile normally, does the gumline show? If not, then don't worry about it. If it does show, then discuss the options with your cosmetic dentist and surgeon.

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