Dental Implants, Bridges, Crowns...which for Me?

I have had 10 crowns, all in front, 4 metal posts, about 8 extractions... its safe to say I have very few teeth, almost no molars, and if it weren't for my crowns I would have nothing in front. Everytime I begin this process I feel as if my dentist isn't fixing the things that need to be fixed immediately... they are not filling the teeth that are starting to decay, they aren't fixing the ones that are breaking away... I am so self conscious.. Where do I go? Who will be reasonable?

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In need of Care

From the sounds of it, you have had extensive dental treatment. Due to the complex amount of work you have already had completed, i would recommend seeing a cosmetic dentist for any continued care!

Implants bridges and crowns

All of them are correct, when you say no molars, implants could be a solution,

decay teeth that need to be taken care, can be done at the same time you are getting crowns and bridges,,

the most important thing you to know its that ,shape ,size and color, can be done to make a restorative,aesthetical smile again, try a dental vacation.....

In need of much dentistry

First, if your dentist isn't being proactive and taking care of decayed or breaking teeth, then I would suggest finding a different dentist who will better address your needs.  Sounds like you're psychologically and emotionally ready to restore your mouth, both functionally and esthetically...right?  I suggest finding a cosmetic dentist who provides comprehensive care.  If you need implants, he can either refer you to an implantologist to work with him as a team, or many dentists actually place their own implants as well.  Suggest you interview a couple dentists to find someone that you trust, which is really important especially when someone is getting more comprehensive dental treatment.  As far as "reasonable", don't know what you're referring to.  A reasonable dentist is someone who will give you optimum care, someone who you like, trust and respect, and charges you fair fees based on his time, costs and difficulty of your treatment.  If you think reasonable is referring primarily to money, you may be in for a sticker shock.  Good comprehensive restorative and implant dentistry is not cheap, and if you're needing many restorations it may be as expensive as a new car.  The of course, if finances are beyond your means, you might consider extracting your teeth and getting dentures.....but I wouldn't do that in my own mouth and wouldn't recommend it as the best treatment for the vast majority of the United States population.

Good luck!

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

Crowns Bridges or implants Which is the best approach

It is always good to take a step back and understand why you are having these problems before coming up with solutions.  Long term success depends on eliminating causes of failure including gum disease and decay.  It is perfectly acceptable to get multiple consultations befor deciding on a dentist. 

The front teeth will breakdown if the back teeth are not replaced and achieving a good bite is essential to long term stability.

Sometimes seeing a periodontist first  and explaining your concerns can lead to an excellent referral. 

Ira Shapira, DDS
Chicago Dentist
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Complex treatment requires planning

Cases like you describe take careful planning as well as input from the patient.  In our office, we take many photos to show the patient what we see and suggest as well as allowing the patient to express goals and concerns.  A discussion in a consultation room and not in the operatory chair is important for these cases.  Implants may be a great option for you, they normally are, so be sure to find an office experienced in multidisciplinary treatment and treatment planning.  Some clinics and chains are not set up for complex care and only really offer quick fixes. 


I am not far away, in Tukwila, and would be happy to help.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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