Dental Implants and RF and Non Surgical Treatments. Risks?

I have had dental implants put in my front teeth a month ago but I am also looking at having some non-surgical treatments for cellulite on thighs, fat on flanks and arms. I am looking at Eximia. Is this possible? Does having metal in the body mean I can never have any such treatments? I am not a good candidate for liposculpture hence looking at alternatives. Doesthis rule out vaser and smartlipo, pelleve also. Thanks

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Dental Implants and other cosmetic treatments


I believe you can undergo all these treatments safely.  I don't think there are any studies or evidence that would suggest otherwise.  The dental implant becomes part of your body.  Patients only need to worry about is keeping their implants clean and coming in for their routine 6 months appointments. Good Luck!

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