Dental Implants Abroads and Mri Scan, Are They Safe?

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Dental implants abroad. If it was heart valve implant would you take a risk?

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The question about getting less expensive treatment abroad (outside of US and UK) arises very often during the consults. And as we explain to the patients that they are the ones who  make the decision and later deal with consequences like failure, inflammation, breakage, etc. We see alot of patients from Latin America with different complications from the dental implants received there. And in the end the patient is the one who is left to pay double for the services and sometimes is left with severe complications after this "cheaper" treatment abroad. If you`re ready to take those risks and try some methods or materials like dental implants, you can definitely do it, but is it worth the risks? Just think that if that was a heart valve implant would you risk?

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