6 Dental Implants with a 4hr Anesthic is It Safe or Would It Be Best to Have 3 Done at a Time with a 2hr Sedation?

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Sedation For Dental Implants

First of all 4 hours for placement of six dental implants is a  very excessive amount of time for that procedure.  2 hours for the placement of 3 dental implants is just as excessive.  I am not sure who is placing the implants or who is performing the anesthetic but I would question that amount of time.  With the available technology today and CT guided implant placement even with extractions and bone grafts a six implant case should take no more than 2 hours.  Sometimes issues arise during the procedure which may necessitate some more time, but not usually 4 hours.  I would question this.  Also implants can be placed with local anesthetic only, but for 3-6 implants sedation is usually preferred.  Everyone has different training and surgical and anesthetic ability.  Just make sure you are having a properly trained surgeon perform this procedure for you.  Seek the advice of a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon if you have any questions

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We generally do not sedate patients for dental implants. However, I would check with your Periodontist and check what type of medications you will be having for your sedation.  Your medical history is very important and I am assuming they reviewed that in detail with you?  If you can have this done in one visit ( which we do routinely without sedation), that would be more desirable if it is safe.  Check with your Periodontist.

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