Dental Implant cost and treatment time, number of visits? (photo)

Hi, I need following Treatment and please provide me total cost and time period and nos of visit, 1. 14-15 teeth Extraction. 2, 6Upper and 6 lower implant. 3. connecting bar. 4. Lower and upper over denture. 5. May be bone grafting. I want to do as soon as possible in this year. If you have cheapest and best treatment, please suggest. Thanks

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Best price low cost of full mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction with dental implants at New Delhi in India.

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Hello, I am Dr. Amit Goswami

I have seen you x-ray and it seems you can get 5 to 6 implants per arch. I would recommend that in total you get: 

12 implants in both arch.

bone grafting where ever required.

sinus lift if required in upper jaw

PRF ( Platlet Rich Factor. )

upper and lower fixed denture -- hybrid denture made on a titanium bar.

Dr. Amit Goswami


India Dentist

Implant Over-dentures

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     There are several different ways to approach a case such as yours.  Let's discuss your current condition.

     Most noticable is the severity of bone loss in the upper.  But there is good news in that you have several upper teeth that have adequate bone to support implants.  The same goes for the bottom.  Due to your severe periodontal state, I would think that removing all teeth that have been compromised is the best route to follow!

     My thoughts are 5 or 6 implants on both upper and lower will clearly support an implant bar retained denture.  With  teeth that can be extracted and have an implant placed immediately, you will not have to go a day without teeth.  You may be able to avoid any sinus lifts in approaching your case this way as well.

     In asking how much this will all cost and time of treatment.....well it depends!  It will take anywhere from 6 - 10 appointments spread out over the time that the implants have to heal.  Prepare yourself to understand that this advanced treatment will be around the same fee as buying a new car.  But this treatment will last you much longer and you will be much more satisfied than any car you may buy! 

     Any implant dentist can sit down with you and answer all of your questions prior to beginning treatment.   


Ron Evans, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Dental implants for debilitated dentition.

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There are many factors involved in the rehabilitation of a dentition.  The treatment you have been presented with is one possibility, but there are many others.  The treatment as you presented would probably cost about $18-24,000 for the surgical phase and about $15-25,000 for the removable prosthetics.  This treatment modality also means that you will be wearing a removable denture tissue supported for 4-9 months.  

A treatment plan that we often utilize in cases like this is the simultaneous removal of the teeth, placement of the implants and placement of a fixed (only removable by doctor) provisional prosthetic in one day.  Allowing 4-6 months of healing in a fixed prosthetic and then proceeding to a fixed ceramic bridge as a final.  This treatment can be done with the minimal number of visits ( 2 pre-surgical, 1 surgery and then 2-3 for final prosthetics) and at a cost of about $25-30,000 per arch.

Often the best treatment is not necessarily the cheapest and nor is the most expensive treatment the best.  You need to be evaluated by a qualified doctor or doctors that preform these procedures regularly and that can give you the different options. 

Good luck.


Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Immediate overdentures (interim) with locators.

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Quick treatment that is effective is to place interim upper and lower overdentures.  I would keep teeth 4,6, 8, 9, 11 on the maxillary.  Do Root Canals on 6 and 11 and pulpotomies on the other teeth for additional support and to maintain the bone.  I would then place locators to retain the palate free maxillary denture.


The mandible could retain 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, and extract others.  root canals and snaps on 22 and 27 and retain the others with pulpotomies for additional support and bone maintenance.


This treatment can be considered interim but could last for many years.  Does not cause complete loss of dental proprioception and death of trigeminal nerve brain cells.  It is easy to maintain and service.  If you decide on future implants you will never be a day without comfortable secure snap in dentures.   You will practically eliminate bone loss.  It can also be accomplished in just two visits, on for impressions and one to do all extractions, root canals snaps and delivery of overdentures.

Routine elimination of all dentition can have neurological consequences and should not be a first line treatment approach without serios discussion. 


This is extremely conservative treatment maintaining most healthy tissue and ensuring more normal physiology than eliminating all teeth.  Implants are not the same as teeth in terms or neural imput to the brain.

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