Dental Implants A Good Options For A Traumatic Fall If I Have Periodontal Disease and Recession?

I recently lost my four front teeth in a traumatic fall. I would like some advice about choosing between a bridge and implants. I want the final outcome to come out as natural as possible, but I am concerned because I already have periodontal disease and recession in this area. I have read online about gum grafting under a dental bridge to achieve a natural look. Would this be my best option or would implants and grafting be better?

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Dental Implants vs. Bridge for Traumatic Injuries

There is no controversy. Dental implants are the best way to restore a natural smile, but there are many factors to consider before making a final decision. If your periodontal disease is arrested and your oral hygiene is excellent, then the remaining teeth need to be evaluated for their longevity. If your remaining teeth are sound, then 2 implants spaced apart can be a perfect solution for replacing your anterior teeth. This implant Oren bridge will be a better option than 4 individual mplants . Although gum grafting can be done to build up the tissue it may be unnecessary. On the other hand, if there is much bone loss, you may be a candidate for all on 4 or another procedure as a more complete solution.

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Implants are superior to bridge


Implants are certainly the superior option, specially if you have periodontal disease and compromised remaining teeth. Bone and soft tissue grafting techniques can help restore missing tissue volume and help create as natural as final result as possible. There are some limitation however that your surgeon can discuss with you more.

H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD
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Anterior implant reconstruction after trauma

In the cases after infection or trauma when the upper anterior teeth are damaged and possible bony defect can affect the aesthetics, precise and comprehensive treatment planning should be done. This cases should be addressed by specialists like prosthodontist, periodontist or oral surgeon. In these cases  multiple procedures can be required like soft tissue (gum) grafting. And even in the situation when the bridge is done on the natural teeth - additional gum grafting always gives better results. The reconstruction on implants is always a more viable choice, however you need to be careful choosing your doctors. Anterior reconstruction when done with mistakes can become a complete disaster.

Dental Implants Are A Great Option For Lost Teeth From Trauma

Dental Implants are propbaly the best option for missing teeth, BUT you must address the periodontal disease first. Even a bridge is not a good choice until your periodontal disease is under control.  If you have severe periodontal disease this may necessiatate more teeth being removed.  If the perio disease is minor you should easily get it under control, easpecially if it is only localized.  If you have recession, this will have to be addressed at the time of implants as well.  You very well may need bone grafting and soft tissue grafting prior to dental implant placement to prepare the area for an ideal esthetic outcome.  Without photos it is difficult to give you any more info.  I would opt for implants once the area is free of disease.  They should last you the rest of your life if maintained properly where a bridge has an avg life of 5-7 years and then ytou will need more teeth removed or root canals.  Its a domino effect. Hope this helps

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Dental Implants or a Bridge with Periodontal Disease

Neither option is good if you have periodontal disease. You must take care of that disease prior to any permanent restoration or you are inviting failure. I suggest you wear a temporary "flipper" or partial removable bridge until the periodontal disease is cured and totally under control. At that point, if there is a lot of bone loss on the ridge, then a bridge would be a more estheic restoration than implants, assuming you have strong enough bone and teeth to support a bridge.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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