Dental Implant or Superglue?

Hi All, im 33 yeas old and got a feel bad tooth. The one i worry the most is my front tooth.. 1 of them is loose and i cant really bite on anything hard. whats should i do? the tooth still in attached just u can actually move it in/out JUST a bit only. Whats should i do? Please advice... Thanks

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Dental implants Really Work

It sounds like you have a loose tooth that should be professionally evaluated. Once a diagnosis is made, with the correct x-rays, it will tell us if the tooth needs to be removed and what the other teeth surrounding the area look like in terms of their health. If the rest of your teeth are healthy then a dental Implant is the likely answer. Seek professional help.

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Dental Implant or Superglue

Never use superglue in your mouth, it's toxic and will cause lots of damage. If the tooth moves that much, you should find a cosmetic dentist right away or go to a surgeon. Dental implants are a great option for missing teeth.

A dental implant is a permanent, surgical solution to replace missing teeth. Unlike dental bridges and dentures, a dental implant is surgically placed into your jawbone to provide a strong, secure foundation for your missing tooth. Dental implants offer several advantages over other forms of tooth replacement. In addition to being permanent, dental implants do not require support from adjacent teeth, thus minimizing the impact to your natural, surrounding teeth.

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Treatment for tooth loss

It sounds like there may be a few different issues with the tooth you are speaking of. If that tooth has had a root canal and/or a crown placed on it, it may have fractured causing the loose tooth issue.  It may have bone loss from periodontal problems as well. I recommend seeing a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to evaluate the tooth prior to any treatment. A full exam is necessary to evaluate the situation, but it sounds like an implant will be the best bet with the best long term prognosis. A bone graft may very well also need to be performed for an ideal treatment that lasts. 

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Treatment For A Mobile Tooth

From what you are describing it sounds like you have a significant gum problem with your front tooth and should see a dentist soon to have it evaluated.  If the tooth is deemed nonrestorable it would need to be extracted and have a dental implant placed.  This would allow you to have a crown placed once the implant heals giving you a natural, aesthetic final result.  Good luck.

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Loose tooth

Any loose tooth, or tooth which causes pain when chewing should be evaluated by your dentist.  Your dentist should do a full exam with X-rays and create a treatment plan.  We wish you all the best

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You should see a good restorative dentist to evaluate your options.

You give very limited information. I don't know the condition of the rest of you mouth or the bone supporting the teeth. Also, I don't know if you had work done on that tooth. Maybe it has an old crown that needs recementing. So to really answer you question properly, I would need a full exam with X-rays.

However, if all your teeth are in pretty good shape and just one has a problem that requires an extraction, you should consider a dental implant. You should see a good restorative dentist first to plan the case prior to seeing a surgeon. This type of work on a front tooth really needs proper planing by doctors with experience. Do not have an implant placed by a surgeon until the restorative dentist has seen you.

If your other teeth need work, then you can consider a fixed bridge. Make sure you are given all the options and the pros/cons of each.

Hope this helps

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Treatment for loose tooth


I recommend to see an oral surgeon to evaluate the tooth. Treatment choices are extraction if there is loss of bone, significant gum disease or infection. But it should be looked at to give you the best recommendation. If tooth is lost, then replacement with an implant is the best option.

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