Recommendations for Oral Surgeon with Reasonably Priced Dental Implants?

Five years ago, I lost my two front teeth after falling on a rock. Now I have braces on, the orthodontist told me to get my braces first then have my implants done. I am trying to look for the right oral surgeon.

It is hard. Where can I find the right price and doctors willing to have my Dental implants done? They also talked about cutting some tissue that grew over "fake" teeth. That will be a problem. I need some help...

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Finding the right surgeon for implants

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Choosing the right surgeon and restorative dentist is very important. Fees, while important, should not be the decision maker here. There are two types of surgeons who can help you. Oral surgeon or periodontist- One may not be better the other- You should look at qualifications and talk to them about how confident they feel to help you and your specific needs, specially for implants in the smile zone which requires a lot of knowledge and skilld to get right (Implants in the smile zone are the most difficult area to do)

My experience is that reasonably priced fees is highly subjective and does not reflect the quality of work, collaboration, components, labs, and level of communication that is required for aesthetic cases like your front teeth.

To learn how to choose the right dentist please read my article on realself: How to choose the right dentist for your dental implants?

Also, beware of cheap or discount fees offered by some. Read this article also posted on realself: Cheap or discount dental implant! Beware of deceptive advertisements

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Hard to refer oral surgeon over the Internet

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Its a tough place to be in. Smaller cities have fewer options for cosmetic dentistry and implants. I would just go for a few consultations and get a feel for how you interact with the Dr's and their experience levels. Fees will all be similar in your area so there's not alot I can say about that.

Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
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See your local Periodontist

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From what you are describing, you may need soft and hard tissue reconstruction (gum and bone). The anterior area is highly aesthetic. I would advise you to look up a periodontist in your area that does aesthetic cases.

Fees will vary, however you are better off doing it right the first time. Cutting down expenses in these cases will not necessarily save you money in the end, when you may have to deal with infections and failed implants.

Anca Bazile, DDS
New York Dentist

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