Dental Implant Infection?

I had bone loss from post opt dental implant infection (preformed by dentist) I need two implants first and second mandiable molars, but have slight super eruption of opposing teeth (2-3 mm). I lost some height from the infection (grafted at time of removal) and if we work with the super eruption the crown height will be 5-6 mm on a 8mm implant. If we intrude or crown molars back to org height, implant crown height will be 3 mill higher. Which will provide a better outcome longterm?

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Dental Implant Question

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In the scenario you are describing the  height for the crowns on your new lower implants will work fine either way as long as the implants successfully integrate.  Restoring your upper molars to their oringinal position would obviouslly be the ideal approach but both alternatives are somewhat involved.  2-3 mm of supereruption is alot to reduce with crowns and have a high possiblity of creating root canal issues due to the amount of reduction that would be needed.  Intruding molars in adults is no simple task either but probably preferred

over crowns if you do not mind the time involved.  If the rest of your bite is fine and you have no TMJ issues, restoring the teeth where they are may well be the best option.


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