Dental Help? Do I Need Braces? Do I Need Teeth Extraction? (photo)

my age is 24 and my dentist told me that i should get braces.should i? is it safe to get braces after the age of 18 or is it too late? he also said that the will have to remove two teeth in order to create space and the take the lower teeth inside. is removing of teeth normal? will it be safe to remove "fully health" teeth by force at age 24?

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Braces Create Beautiful Smiles at Any Age!

It is never too late to begin Orthodontic treatment.  Moving teeth to correct a dental bite problem will help create a more confident, beautiful smile.  Peridontal problems can also be corrected because straight teeth allow for better cleaning and result in healthy gums. 

Sometimes extraction of teeth is necessary in order to create the space needed for tooth movement.  It might be possible to treat a patient without extraction - a 2nd opinion would be in order.

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