Can Dental Crown Work for Front Teeth That Don't Line Up?

Can Dental Crown Work for Front Teeth That Don't Line Up?

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Dental Crowns Can Re-align Teeth

Since you did not include pictures, it's hard to say how many crowns you might need. One crown is usually not enough. You might need as many as 6, 8, or 10. Have your dentist photograph your smile & then look at the photo together with him and discuss clearly what your expectations are, and the dentist will be able to suggest the proper treatment.

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Correcting Malaligned Teeth With Dental Restorations

Cosmetic restorations (veneers or crowns) can correct significant misalignments of teeth to improve your smile.  You would need an evaluation to be sure the teeth are not positioned beyond what is possible to correct without orthodontics.  Obviously orthodontics is certainly your other option.  The disadvantage of orthodontics is the time involved vs. cosmetic dentistry and the need to wear a retainer long term to prevent relapse.  The disadvantage of cosmetic dentistry is some tooth preparation will need to be done depending on the severity of the misalignment.

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Aesthetic anterior dental crowns

Very often anterior dental crowns are used to improve the alignment of the teeth, their color, shape and relationship. Usually the diagnostic wax-up performed to evaluate the results of the restorations. You should consult with cosmetic dentist and look at his work before you will consider the treatment. 

Can Dental Crown Work for Front Teeth That Don't Line Up?

A dental crown can fix a misaligned , discolored and chipped tooth. Your other option is porcelain veneers, they work as well as crown but they are more conservative approach. You can always do clear braces like Invisalign if you do not want to remove tooth structure. All three options are great, but you as a patient must guide your dentist and tell him/her your aesthetics goals.

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