Dental Cosmetic Replacement for Both Second Pre-molars What Would Be the Best Option? (photo)

Hi, I am 23 and am missing both of my second pre-molars. I was the victim of child neglect and wasn't able to get proper dental care. I found a job with dental coverage at the age of 21 and the dentist suggested the removal of both second pre-molars. I have stopped going to that dentist since then for other errors on their part. What would be the best solution for my problem? I have uploaded a picture, and realize there is more dental work to be done. For now I'm just looking for confidence.

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Options for the cosmetic correction from missing 2nd bicuspids (premolars)

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When evaluating the best options for missing 2nd bicuspids, the amount of remaining space must be considered. If large enough for a full sized tooth replacement, a single dental implant or a three-unit porcelain bridge are both options. If the space is smaller and insufficient for a full sized tooth replacement, the considerations are different. It may be more advantageous to look at the use of Invisalign therapy or conventional orthodontics to close the gap. The gap could also be closed with porcelain veneers and/or crowns. This would involve placement of veneers onthe proper number of teeth to insure a "proportionate closure" where the widening of adjacent teeth can provide a more natural aesthetic result than attempting to use just the teeth on each side of the gap.

Replacing missing teeth

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Generally the best option if there is sufficient space/bone volume is a dental implant.  There are other factors however - if there is a lot of crowding of the teeth, perhaps orthodontics can close the spaces and align the teeth without having to replace any teeth. 

Best to have a consultation with a dentist near you that you have done your homework on, and they will lay out all your options.

Carlo Biasucci, DDS
Ontario Dentist

Replacing missing 2nd bicuspids

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The first choice, assuming you have adequate bone and enough room, would be a single tooth implant for each of the bicuspids.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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