Are there dental bridges which do not need to be flossed on the inside?

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Hygiene is the key

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Any dental piece must always be clean, you should be able to floss around that bridge and also I recommend a water floss, you can find those at any store, that will help you get rid of the food or bacteria that could get stuck below it. Use mouthwash and of course brush 3 times a day.

Dental bridges that do not need to be flossed on the inside?

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I guess the only answer to your question that comes to mind is an old expression: "You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep!"

One of the most important aspect of any dental prosthetics from veneers to crowns to bridges and dental implants- is maintenance. You need to clean outside (easy) and inside (harder). Food and corresponding unhealthy plaque can form leading to recurrent decay and gum problems if you don't. Most properly made dental bridges are designed to be cleaned, and more importantly flossed, using some really nifty new patient cleaning tools including all sorts of interproximal brushes, floss threaders, and super-cool ultrasonic toothbrushes.


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