Dental Bridge - Lateral Slide, Too Much Pressure? (photo)

I got a PFM bridge (gold chewing surface) for teeth #2, 3, 4 (temporarily cemented). The first 2 times it came back with cusp tips way too high causing interferences. This time the height is fine but my teeth slide to the left and backward when I bite down, putting too much pressure on #14. I think the centric line is off and lingual cups don't have enough incline (I can slide my teeth side to side pretty easily while in maximum intercuspation). Can the lab fix the surface or is a remake needed?

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Too much pressure on dental bridge

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I would have the dentist adjust the occlusion and take away any interference with his dental drill.  The bridge is cemented with temporary cement so it can be sent back to the lab for a polish if needed.

Lateral Slide on a Dental Bridge

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It sounds like you have lots of the terminology of occlusion. A dentist that is well trained in occlusion should be able to work out all the interferences in centric as well as in lateral excursions TOGETHER with the laboratory. If the occlusal surfaces are gold, and they were ground down already, the bridge would have to be remade in order to add height back to the cusps.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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