Dental bridge after mastectomy?

I now have to have a dental bridge done. Will there be any danger in having metal in my mouth after having had a mastectomy done 7 yrs ago? Thank You.

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Metal after mastectomy


Traditional dentistry says that there are no concerns.

However I might ask why we need a bridge in the first place.

Typically a lower molar will be involved or with a root canal that happens to be on the same maridian as the breast.

I think that a non metal bridge will work well for you.

Dental bridge after mastectomy?

I have never heard of a problem with a dental bridge causing a problem after a masectomy. My guess is that there are hundreds of thousands of women who have had both these two things done...masectomy and dental bridge.

However, that being said, if it is a porcelain fused to metal bridge, make sure that your dentist does not use a non-precious metal under the porcelain. A precious or semi-precious metal is usually accepted better by the body than non-precious metals, at least in dentistry. Some people have "metal reactions" or "metal allergies" to non-precious metals in the mouth.

However, if it is a small bridge, meaning only one tooth is missing and it is either a front tooth or bicuspid, then you may be a candidate for an all-ceramic bridge with EMax porcelain. This is an extremely strong porcelain and is very biocompatible (meaning the body readily accepts the porcelain and very little or no irritation or inflammation compared to what we sometimes see with the metals in some porcelain fused to metal bridges)

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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