Should I Get Dental Bonding? (photo)

I have gaps in my teeth and my teeth are kind of small, which makes me feel very self-conscious about smiling. I want to get dental bonding done but I don't know very much about the procedure or even if it is the right procedure for me. I also don't know if this would be the most cost efficient method to use.

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Bonding to close up gaps

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Teeth bonding is done with a composite resin that can restore both aesthetics and function to your smile. Placed on both the front and back of teeth, the composite resin used in teeth bonding provides a strong, long-lasting, and seamless appearance to smiles impacted by decay or marred by cosmetic imperfections such as:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Severe discoloration

Teeth bonding also requires very little of your natural tooth to be removed for these procedures, allowing more of your natural tooth to be preserved. Moreover, teeth bonding is done in one office visit, making it a much simpler and faster procedure. Colored and shaped to precisely match adjacent teeth, composite resin is unnoticeable, and provides for a seamless, natural looking smile

Fairfax Dentist

Should I get bonding to close my gapsDental

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Dental bonding is the most economical way of changing your smile.  Based on what I see you would be a good candidate to have this done.    One thing I would ask is do you like the teeth if the gaps are closed.  If you do I would also consider invisalign as an option since you will be closing the gaps without placing bonding. More expensive but long term I believe is a better option.  Good luck with whatever decision you make

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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See A Dentist for a Cosmetic 'Mock Up'

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Definately go see a 'Cosmetic Dentist' who will see you for a Cosmetic Mock up.  Bonding directly on the tooth can be so exciting and is simple.  You can bond composite or porcelain(veneers).  By taking molds of your teeth the dentist can wax up the models to give you an idea of what is possible.  You can actually try in a replica of the waxed teeth to see how you look.  They can also advise you on your bite and any other recommended care!!  Go for it-

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

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Bonding Questions

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Dental bonding is the most economical cosmetic treatment available and provides excellent results in many cases.  It will work well to close your gaps between the teeth.  If you want to lengthen your teeth that can be done with bonding as well, but in your case will be difficult.  Your picture shows extensive wear on the biting edges of your natural teeth.  If those forces are not controlled you will wear or break off the bonding that is added to this area to increase the length.

Should I Get Bonding

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First you should visit a cosmetic dentist that is well trained in occlusion (the way your upper & lower teeth meet eachother). Your lower canine teeth are causing extensive wear on your upper laterals. Unless your occlusal problem is addressed properly, any bonding or Veneer procedures will probably fail.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Should I Get Dental Bonding? (see photo)

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Bonding is a great way to close gaps and to give the look of an even straight smile.

In your case, the gaps are a little big and you have a lot of wear on your teeth. You have a deep bite which puts more pressure and wear and tear on any new dental work.

I wouldn't have any bonding done until a very experienced cosmetic dentist pre-planned your case. Often this means making impressions of your teeth and mounting them on a bite simulator.

If the wear in your bite is not addressed, then any bonding will be prone to a lot of chipping.

You may need to consider having porcelain veneers made to provide much more strength.

Make sure you hear your cosmetic dentist discuss how he will improve your bite before you let anyone do anything.



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