Was Dental Bonding a Good Option for Me? Should I Have It Removed? What Are my Options? (photo)

Desperate to fix my front gap, I asked a dentist about dental bonding due to the inexpensiveness. I thought the gap might be too big/crooked but he didn't say anything. He bonded the front four teeth. I'm not sure how I feel about it. One of the front teeth is bigger than the other (maybe because the teeth were crooked to begin with). I feel like they look too wide (but overall, better). Should I go back and have it removed? Should he have never bonded them in the first place? Other options?

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Was Dental Bonding a Good Option for Me? Should I Have It Removed? What Are my Options?

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Looking at your photos your dentist did a great job with cosmetic bonding, especially since you are cost conscious.  If you are still not satisfied with the results I might suggest you have the next level of cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers.  However, to get a better cosmetic result so that your front teeth look better proportioned your cosmetic dentist will most likely recommend six, or possibly eight porcelain veneers.  This will better enable him to make the front of your smile and upper front teeth look more natural.

Your dentist did nothing wrong doing bonding on your front teeth.  Again, seeing how your teeth looked before the composite bonding, you got a great result!

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Evaluation of Dental Bonding

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Overall I think your dentist did an excellent job.  You have a lot of extra space and asymmetrical teeth which are hard to make look perfect.  The width difference between the two centrals could probably be improved upon easily by your dentist.  Beyond that you would need to do more than 4 teeth to improve dramatically beyond your current result.  For the best result veneers with some conservative shaping of the teeth and gum contouring would be required to give you an ideal smile.

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