Is dental bonding a good idea for me? (photos)

I had braces before, and they were good for a short time afterwards, but I lost 2 retainers and couldnt afford to get a new one (I know I suck) so my top teeth started spacing out. I have naturally small teeth so I was just wondering if bonding would work to make my smile nicer?

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No retainer, what about bonding?

Bonding would actually do wonders for your teeth.  Make sure you see a cosmetic dentist, because how nice your bonding looks can really depend on the personal skill of you dentist.  This will not prevent more spaces from forming later on, but it will help your appearance for now.  I would recommend getting the bonding, getting some whitening and getting a clear retainer (like an Invisalign one or a Clear Correct one) that you could use at night to prevent this issue from reoccurring later.
Good luck to you and I hope things work out.  Be sure to post some pics of the before if you can.  
Take care.

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Is dental bonding a good idea for me?

Yes, direct composite bonding would be a good way to close your tooth spacing.  Another thing I notices is that you appear to have small teeth because you have a slight excess of gum tissue.  If the spaces are closed without correcting the gum excess, the teeth will appear way to wide and unnatural in proportion.  Usually the excess gum issue can be easily corrected with the dental gum laser, which is an relatively easy, quick and painless way to remove excess gums.  Once that has been addressed, whether you have the spaces closed with direct composite bonding or porcelain veneers, the shape of the teeth will look much more natural and not so small.
I refer you to the web link below that shows examples of patients treated with both veneers and laser gum reshaping and the beautiful results that were achieved.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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Is dental bonding a good idea for me?

Direct composite bonding would be a could choice to correct what you dislike about your smile. That being said, it should be thought as a short term solution. Placing veneers in the future would offer longer stability of both function and strength. Either way you should get a very good result.

Peter Rinaldi, DMD
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Veneer VS boding

You can easily get bonding, but just like the one on your central tooth, it will discolor and if you do not use a retainer, You may still get a gap after if you allow your teeth to shift. Your bite seems too retruded ( angling inwards), this will prevent you from having veneers that last. 

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Bonding open spaces

Bonding looks like it could be quite successful. You may also want to consider a veneer- there will be very little tooth to remove as the space needed to make room for the veneer is already present.

Neil Elman, DDS
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