Can Dental Bonding Fix Chips?

Can a chip on the front incisor that collects food be bonded? What is an average cost for this treatment?

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An ideal example of a tooth that should be fixed with bonding

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This is an ideal example of a tooth that should be fixed with bonding. Bonded composite fillings can restore a chip such as this and be virtually invisible as well. Depending on how deep the chip is, you might not even need an injection of local anesthetic to get numb. I would guess that the fee for this would be under $200, at least in the Cleveland, Ohio area where I practice.

Cleveland Dentist

Can Dental Bonding Fix Chips?

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From what you're describing it sounds like dental bonding would be an ideal solution to your problem.  Your tooth can be fixed in one visit and this procedure is by far your most conservative option.

I've attached a video that you might find helpful as well.

Take care
Dr. Champagne

Richard Champagne, DMD
Freehold Dentist

Bonding for "chipped" teeth

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The areas od anterior incisors can easily be restored with composite bonding. This is a minimally invasive technique that can be performed in a short period of time and would not require profound anesthesia. The chipped enamel when restored with light-cured composite will look absolutely natural and is a good budjet treatment in such cases like yours.

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Bonding to fix chipped teeth

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Thanks for including the photo, it really helps.

This is a perfect situation for some dental bonding.  It can be done without grinding any tooth down and should be matched to be invisible.  Fees vary from place to place, but should be in your budget range.

It will also be healthier for your tooth to have it bonded.


Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist

Minor gingival enamel defects can be fixed with bonding

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Sometimes when teeth form, little dimples form.  They are not pathologic (bad) but can displeasing esthetically or trap food (although easily cleansed).  Dental bonding (composite restorations) are ideal for these situations.

Yes very easy

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Dental bonding, Composite restorations are great material for fixing chips on teeth. This can be done with or without anesthesia depending on the level of sensitivity.  The important question is to figure out why you have a chip to begin with. From the picture there may be an underlying issue of bruxism or excessive force on the tooth that caused the chip. Please consult your dentist to evaluate your bite.

Ashkan Haeri, DMD
Mission Viejo Dentist

Why does my teeth chip

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Short and sweet  :  Bonding  is a great conservative to fix the kind of chip you showed on the photo. Most important is WHY it chipped. most of these fracturesat gum line have an yunderlying issue. Go to a cosmetic dentist who performs full mouth reconstruactions . Those dentist deal with bite issues. They usually treat TMj disorders, clenching, grinding.  If any of these words ring a bell, you need to see some one who does more than general and cosmetic dentistry. Find out WHY your teeth chip . Go after the cause, not simply treating the sysmptoms.

Good luck and thank you for sharing your photo.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Resin bonding to fix chips in teeth

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With the latest bonding materials and techniques in dentistry available today, resin bonding is a wonderful way to add to your natural tooth structure in a conservative way.  From your photo, it seems like there is a divet close to the gumline that is causing the gum to fill in in this area.  You may need to consider slight gum contouring to access the underlying tooth which can be done at the same time as the bonding to create a more esthetic result.

Bonding can definitely fix a chip

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Dental bonding is a great way to fix a chipped tooth!  The  tooth-coloured filling materials that we have today are so life-like that a dentist who is skilled in using them can repair that tooth so that it looks like no chip ever existed.  The dental filling material can be polished and contoured to prevent food from collecting around your tooth.  Cost varies based on the degree of difficulty to repair, contour, colour-match etc. 

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Dental Bonding

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When handled by someone with the experience and knowledge of proper techniques, this can be a simple procedure that will make a very big difference not only in appearance but health of your gum tissue.  For most offices I would suspect you would pay between $100-$300 depending on experience and location.

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