Are Dental Assistants Legally Able to Do Impressions for Invisalign in CA?

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Good question!

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I believe the answer is, "No".   Guess you could call the dental board and get a definite answer.  Probability is that the assistants are more experienced in handling these materials though.  The laws vary from state to state regarding extended duties but laws don't regulate quality.  I learned a ton from an elderly male dental assistant at the VA Hospital during my oral surgery rotation at the Hospital Dentistry Program.  Felix taught me how to gently extract teeth.  I remember his time-worn hand covering mine while he said, "Firm steady pressure....from side to side".  You want a quality impression and an involved, supervising doctor that checks every step along the way regardless of who takes the impression.  Just my opinion.  Impressions for any final appliance by law......

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