Will The Dent on Tip of Nose After Septoplasty Go Away In Time? (photo)

Hi, So I recently had surgery on my nose, to be exact Septoplasty. The operation went well and so did my recovery, its been about 3 weeks now and there's a strange dent or dip on the tip of my nose that's been there since a they took of my bandages. During the first week of my recovery i had a blister or some sort of boil/zit on the tip of my nose which eventually scabbed and came off. My surgeon said the dent will go away eventually as the swelling goes down. But i would like your advice.Thanks

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Will The Dent on Tip of Nose After Septoplasty Go Away In Time?

From the photos, it looks like the depression is going away with time.  This may be from tissue injury during the Rhinoplasty as a Septoplasty alone is performed in an entirely different area with a different incision on the inside of the nose at the front of the naal septum.  

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