Dent Appeared Shortly After Steroid Injection. Will It Remain or Go with Time?

I had a revision rhinoplasty (2nd) in July last year and due to my thick skin which is prone to scar tissue, my surgeon injected a steroid solution at 3 months, then at 5 months. After the second shot, I developed a dent above my tip (not on it). It's now 7 months post-op, I asked my surgeon about this and he seems to think that scar tissue will soon the dent again (could take about 6 months) and at the same time, other areas with excess scar tissue/swelling will go down. How feasible is this?

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Dents After Steroid Injections

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Dents in the nose after steroid injections may be a result of steroids or the unmasking of swelling. Though some dents will resolve, it's unpredictable to determine exactly which will. It's a good idea to follow up with your surgeon. 

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Dent following steroid injection

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I agree with your surgeon. Furthermore, I would suggest that you wait until you are one year past your last procedure before deciding if anything else should be done.  Tissue swelling can take a year to fully resolve.

Steroid nasal injections

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Steroid nasal injections are sometimes used to treat swelling. A side effect of the steroid can be soft tissue atrophy. This may be the issue for you.

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